sangat2 merindui beliau..

dis is my pic wif arwah kak chik 3 years ago,,,isn't she beautiful??
i always teman her to anywhere she goes..anywhere..everywhere..
now that i need to left the house dat made us sangat rapat..
its really hard..so hard..
i dun know how to kemas my barang
everytime i go back..it just so painful knowing she wasn't there anymore..
i miss her so much..
i miss her wake up in the middle of the nite..
asking to make her a cup of coffee..
having late nite chat..chit chatting about anything..
she love my cooking..
she love us..spoiled me to the max..
always push me up..educate me..taught me about da real world..
i stil remember when she said she dont like my bf.she cried..she afraid dat i will be hurt again..she dun want to see me cry again..
but a few days before she gone..she hugs my bf n told him to take a good care of me...if anything happen to her..
i miss her so much..




hari yang cerah kini sudah gelap

penat..n sangat..
huish..pening pening..kekurangan tidur mungkin..
tapi skunk dh 4.30pg..stil tamo tdo gak..haiyaa.
tadi berlaku kejadian..sakit hati gile...

-time ngah duk tgu traffic lite kat simpang kt hartamas..got dis sekumpulan of mat rempit cam sial reramai kt sbelah..we ol.[aku , sarah n merotte] duk focus on jalan..n tetibe..one of da rempit come to the car n hentak our car wif dis rantai besi..like soO bangang..pandang2 n muke cam sial..maybe bcoz da cermin is tak pecah..n lagi bengang..we r so damn shock n drove off the place laju gilery...fuck up la da rempit..chuak like hell.seb baik i bi kental n acting like cool..unfortunately we cant get perfectly what da plat no are..mlm n gelap n we ol sgt nk tglkn da place..or else we dh report police dh..so sO so anti mat rempit..imagine if its a dark area..n da cermin krete pecah..die rompak n rogol we ol..RAMAI2??
so damn scary..dis is da first time dis thing happen..later if it do happen again(mntk jauh la kan)..i will straightway cal da cop..ish LU PE HAL MAT!!

so for those (gurl especially..)yg slalu drive mlm or alone..
1.please make sure u r brani enuff to face dis kind of situation coz it could happen to anyone..MANUSIA BERTAMBAH GANAS SEKARANG!!..
2.always keep ur phone close to u(reachable)..
3.dont put ur handbag/purse/laptop on top of the seat..
4.if damn brani..bring small knive along in da car
5.never..never..never step out of dar car or even open ur window if such thing happen. If possible..jez drive to the nearest tempat ramai org like stesen minyak or balai polis..
6.try avoid tempat gelap..

huhu..gile bg advice..
perlu mengurut kaki utedi now..
pahala perlu dilakukan..
till then..later


im start dis back again..

hey u..peeps.. so many been kept inside. reveal.revive. to be or not to be.. choices to be made. impian melayari. mencapai dream.tenang. kemalasan kuasai diri. penat.seksa.sakit.boring. yes! im bored. so damn bored. ngan my life. salah start? is there any u-turn..? i nak turn back time. bolehke? bolehke??

starting the end

time is running out!