My cancer story

Last year in May, my sister went for her 1st cancer check up, and the diagnose came out negative. Unfortunately the neck just grew badly. The doctor confronted me and told me that she is ill and need to do more test and need to be hospitalized .The doc also told me that my sister had hold her check up since February 2007 because of me and my younger siblings still studying, and she want to spend her money for our college first.(this part really hit me badly). She is really stubborn and frustrated with the first diagnosis and refuse to go to hospital. By the month of October, she is extremely ill, the wound is 5 cm wide open, revealing the inner part of the neck. By then only she went for 2nd check up and turns out to be positive and she in IV stage. She gone trough a pain management as it is no more treatment can be done, and the wound just become larger n wider. I do the dressing 7-8 times everyday back then. She had her first chemotherapy in the 2nd month of treatment. Most of other time we experiencing so many malfunction in the equipment of the hospital(biggest disappointment). I don't know what ethic does the doctor been practicing, but him confront my sis personally and told her that she don't have chance to survive. my family so pissed off with the doctor because that does effect my sister emotion and she once again have a break down. After a while, her throat are totally block and she cant even swallow water. She been relying to 125mg morphine patch on her chest , injection and morphine syrup 24/7. We(family) brought her back home to fulfill her request. I had promise to my sister i will take care of her until she well and willing to hold my semester in college. I really love her.After a while, her cancer cell is eating her flesh and started to spread deeper to her vain. She started to bleed. The first burst was at home.and its stop for a while. The 2nd time it happen, we took her to hospital and she is warded. She is bleeding again, and this time it didn't stop. The blood just flow with no muscle or tissue to cover the leakage. The doctor once again come to me said that there is no more time for her. I called all my family members. But thank to the doctor and mostly GOD, the bleeding do stop late that night. That is the first time i saw my 70 years old dad crying in my mom's arm. The next day is the Aidiladha(Muslim's day of thanksgiving),we all gathered together in the ward and celebrate it with her. A week after, she(my sister) want to have a walk with my dad and told him that she want to take care of him so much. She who barely can walk as my dad to sit on the wheelchair and she push him around the hospital. Late that night she had difficulties in breathing. Her heartbeat increased to 200 bps. I hold her all the time. We all did. After almost 3 hours struggling, she starting to relax. But this time. The time had come. Exactly 0020 am, 24th december 2007, she peacefully releasing her hand grip and leaves all of us. And till now my tears never dry missing her. Love her so much.

die yang sentiasa cantik.


does she look sick?

me n her few years ago.



baru2 ini di taiwan seorang gadis tidak ada penyebab, keluar darah dari 7 lubang (mata, hidung, telinga, mulut, dll) berdarah hingga mati. setelah hasil cek labor dokter membuktikan orang tersebut. sebelum mati sudah banyak makan udang, setelah itu makan pula VITAMIN C...udang ada semacam kandungan setelah gabung dengan vitamin C, di dalam tubuh manusia bisa mengeluarkan semacam racun mengakibatkan 7 lubang keluar darah terkena RACUN maka mati..maka itu hati2 : setelah makan ikan/udang jangan minum vitamin c..mohon sebarkan ke tmn2 anda..